Anneli Berg fine art

Anneli Berg comes from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. She has a career of making original oil paintings on linen canvas since her youth.

Light and color have always been important for Anneli´s work. She is influenced by the rare Nordic light where the sun floats low in the sky. There is often some water in her pictures, reflecting perhaps the North Sea waves ceaselessly caressing her costal hometown, or the great Gota River flowing through its harbor. Its basin is surrounded by hills and large forests with lots of lakes. After all, Sweden is known not only as the Land of the Midnight Sun, but also as the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Horses and carousels are other favorite motives.


Anneli´s Mixed media creations are a more recent addition to her repertoire. She uses her own oil paintings and drawings as a basis for her mixed media creations. She works with them in the computer to create completely new images for limited editions prints on canvas or paper.


Contact in the US: Staffan Berg, Phoenix Arizona,


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